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General code smells we can address:

  • duplicated code (fas caching, openid client login, ...)
  • long methods and large classes (supybot-fedora, ...)
  • contrived complexity (fedbadges, ...)
  • half-implemented features (datagrepper, ...)
  • no or poor documentation (releng scripts, ...)
  • commented out code? or incorrect comments!
  • no tests? or broken tests! (hotness, anitya, ...)
  • does hacking on it feel good or bad? Let's document where and why.


Ideas of specific things to work on (add your ideas):

  • python-fedora
    • streamline release process
    • remove dead code
      • pkgdb1 client
      • prepare the ground for fas3 (careful not to get bogged down adding new features.. that's for a different week!)
  • flask apps (which ones)
    • code de-duplication
  • flask-fas-openid to merge with flask-openid
  • ansible playbooks
  • bodhi
    • Process errors reported by email
    • code de-duplication
    • docs