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FUDCon provides an opportunity to work in person with other members of the Infrastructure team. The increased bandwidth should enable us to accomplish otherwise daunting tasks that might have been difficult to finish over other mediums like IRC. It also allows new contributors to learn how to make changes to infrastructure while they can talk to veteran infrastructure admins and developers face-to-face.


FAS password change indicator

  • Have a way to tell a user that their password needs to be changed. This could be due to age or due to an event occuring in the wider world. Actual password resets after a known intusion would be handled by setting accounts inactive instead.
  • Maybe add one more state like another graphic (a yellow one)? Revamp this area.
  • Inspired by Ticket #3045

Responsiblity web app

At FUDCon Tempe we talked about some way to keep track of who was in charge of specific coding projects inside of infrastructure. The goals would be:

  1. Figure out who is responsible for something in case something needs attention (help! PackageDB has been down for an hour!)
  2. Give new developers easier access to people who will mentor them (I want to work on PackageDB, who do I talk to?)
  3. Figure out what services are unmaintained (Hmm.. no one's committed to PackageDB in a year, what does that mean?)
    1. and get proper roles filled -- (Hmm, there's many commits to PackageDB but there hasn't been a release in 6 months. What do we need to fix that?)

Propose to work on a simple web app to fix some of this. Need to:

  • Take a project description.
    • create roles on the project
    • people can self assign to roles
    • way to check the activity level of people in roles
    • visually flag projects that are not being maintained

Yubi Key Integration

We've been discussing Yubi Key integration for a while so do we want to try to put some code up and see how it sticks?

Various FAS Rework Projects

Need to add existing claimed tickets here.

MeetBot Integration with Wiki

It would be great to have the MeetBot post meeting links directly to the Wiki.