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HackFest 2007

Hackfest 2007 will be taking place after FUDCon. For more information please see - At present it is by invitation only so if you are interested please email me at mmcgrath @t or catch me at #fedora-admin in Those unable to attend are also stongly encouraged to "be around" to be able to help out remotely. The best way to do this is to sit in #fedora-admin and listen for updates and other such messages to come about.

Primary Projects

The main projects we will be focusing on are:

  • A solid mirror milestone (mdomsch)
  • A clear path for the future of the packaging database (abadger1999)
  • Working building blocks for our new accounts system (only needs to be proof of concept (mmcgrath)
  • Complete the postfix server
  • Finish new Backup Server (possibly with bacula but probably BackupPC - mmcgrath)
  • Update System (bodhi ) Hacking(lmacken)
  • Brew (dgilmore)

Secondary Projects

These projects still have a lot of question marks but once their figured out it would be nice to get some things together:

  • i18n/elvis/rhlinux migration
  • Hosted future (f13)
  • Fedora SCM
  • Defining and enforcing consistent security policies (lmacken)
  • Future of the wiki
  • Public / Private Fedora NOC (mmcgrath)


These are the "wouldn't it be nice" projects

  • Volunteer coordination and sponsorship


The format of Hack Fest will be very loose and may change at a moments notice. The infrastructure team has a great deal of members mixed with other groups, this is a great thing, but it will require coordination and flexability with the other teams. Those that are able should try to put times next to their associated projects so people know when to show up to help. Schedule of other Hack Fests: