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Fedora Infrastructure Administration Look & Feel

With this we intend to integrate all aspects of, so that we become with a coherent 'Look & Feel' through out the Infrastructure pages.

  • TODO
Step Description Who ETA
1 Create an IndexAdmin for PauloSantos Done
2 Create custom error pages to use in, various wiki css can be used with this N/A N/A
3 Modify the current pages to use the wiki css and unify the look with the rest of the site N/A N/A

Applications in Need of Look & Feel Attention

Note: '(TG)' denotes applications that are written in turbogears

In-House Applications

Third-Party Applications

  • Wiki (moin) - [5] - Contact: KarstenWade
  • ORTS (ticketing system) - [6]
  • Mirror System - [7] , [8] (TG) - Contact: MattDomsch
  • Voting System (to be redone in TG) - [9]
  • Smolt (HW profiler) - [10] (TG)
  • Nagios (monitoring tool) - [11]
  • Cacti (monitoring system) - [12]
  • Translation statistics (damned lies) - [13] - Contact: KarstenWade, DimitrisGlezos
  • Translation submitter (TG, same theme as above) - ([14] )

Overall Look

All of the applications should have a consistent 'look.' What should it look like?

Look Mockups - here are some mockups on how it could look :)

Contact PauloSantos, AhmedKamal and/or MairinDuffy, if you're interested in any of this.