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Fedora MirrorManager

MirrorManager is the application that keeps track of each of the 200+ global mirror servers for Fedora content. It has three distinct audiences: End Users, Mirror Server Administrators, and Fedora Infrastructure System Administrators.

End User Interfaces

mirrorlist CGI

Running at is a CGI application that is used primarily by YUM. It processes a query, returning a list of mirror server URLs that have the content requested in the query.

Options that can be passed to mirrorlist:

&repo=fedora-7&arch=i386 Some combination of repository tag, and an architecture
&path=pub/..... A path name, either a directory or path to a file, using the tree names as found on the master servers.
&country=global override the GeoIP checks for your country and specify you want the global list
&country=us,ca,jp override the GeoIP checks and specify a list of comma-separated 2-letter ISO country codes
&ip= override the client IP address detection and specify an IP address instead
&redirect=1 After all other processing is done, automatically perform a HTTP redirect to the first result returned

URLs of the form (directory path or full file path) are automatically redirected to a mirror containing that path or file.

Public List web pages

Human-readable lists of the mirror servers are available at

Mirror Server Administrators

Mirror servers may be public (e.g. open for anyone to download data from), or private (e.g usage restricted in some way). Data for both types may be stored in the mirrormanager database.

The MirrorManager web user interface is at You must have a Fedora Account System account to log in and edit data there.

Information about your Site (the administrative level of control), your Hosts (the servers themselves), what Categories of content they carry, and at which URLs can be entered. In addition, you may specify Netblocks - groups of IP addresses which are considered "local", and therefore preferred, for your servers. The mirrorlist CGI will return Netblock-local servers first.