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Fedora mirror servers use Tiering, whereby a select few fast mirrors get read access to the master rsync servers, and all the other mirrors pull from those mirrors.

It turns out, 9 of our 10 Tier 0 or Tier 1 mirrors are available over Internet2. And, over half of our total mirrors are reachable over Internet2. So, let's make use of that whereever we can.

For our purposes, define:

  • master: The Red Hat servers download*
  • Tier 0: The fast mirrors which pull from Red Hat's Internet2-connected master
  • Tier 1: The fast mirrors which pull from the Tier 0 servers (or one of the other masters).
  • Tier 2: The mirrors that pull from the Tier 1 servers.

Properties of Tier 0 and 1 mirrors:

  • Limit the number of Tier 1 mirrors to 10, to ensure adequate bandwidth for these. Adjust number up or down depending on capability of the masters.
  • Must carry everything under fedora-enchilada and fedora-epel. This allows Tier 2 mirrors to exclude what they wish, but get everything if they so wish. This means at least 1TB of disk space for the Fedora portion of this server.
  • Must have a 1 Gigabit connection to the Internet, or faster.
  • Must have an active, available, responsive mirror administrator during the days content is staged.
  • Must have at least 2 Internet2-connected Tier 1 mirrors.
  • Must have at least 1 Tier 1 mirror on each continent for which we have Tier 2 mirrors
  • Must serve private rsync

Tier 0 Mirrors

Tier 0 mirrors can pull from Red Hat directly over the Internet2 connection.

Server Comment Contact for ACL Internet2 / National Lamba Rail (NLR) connected hosts. Don Sizemore <dls at>. No ACLs - open for syncing. Internet2. Uses ACL from MirrorManager database. Drew Stinnett <drew.stinnett at> (spacepope on IRC)

Tier 1 Mirrors

Tier 1 mirrors pull from one of the Tier 0 mirrors.

Server Comment Contact for ACL, - USx2, - NL, - SE

Do not sync from, choose one of the ones above and use that.

<ftpadmin at> IPv6-connected or Internet2-connected mirrors only Chuck Anderson <cra at> Uses ACL from MirrorManager database . guenther.fischer at rsync:// mirror-contact at IPv6 and Internet2 connectivity., mirrors at IPv4 and IPv6 mirror at South America Carlos Carvalho carlos at

Master Mirrors

  • in Raleigh, NC, USA (Internet2, NLR, and those reachable over NLR only)
  • is offline, no ETA on its return. DNS for it points at download3.
  • is offline, no ETA on its return. No DNS.
  • in Phoenix, AZ, USA
  • in Phoenix, AZ, USA
  • in Phoenix, AZ, USA