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Fedora mirror servers use Tiering, whereby a select few fast mirrors get read access to the master rsync servers, and all the other mirrors pull from those mirrors.

It turns out, 9 of our 10 Tier 0 or Tier 1 mirrors are available over Internet2. And, over half of our total mirrors are reachable over Internet2. So, let's make use of that whereever we can.

For our purposes, define:

  • master: The Red Hat servers download*
  • Tier 0: The fast mirrors which pull from Red Hat's Internet2-connected master
  • Tier 1: The fast mirrors which pull from the Tier 0 servers (or one of the other masters).
  • Tier 2: The mirrors that pull from the Tier 1 servers.

Properties of Tier 0 and 1 mirrors:

  • Limit the number of Tier 1 mirrors to 10, to ensure adequate bandwidth for these. Adjust number up or down depending on capability of the masters.
  • Must carry everything under fedora-enchilada and fedora-epel. This allows Tier 2 mirrors to exclude what they wish, but get everything if they so wish. This means at least 250GB of disk space for the Fedora portion of this server. If they can carry everything under fedora-enchilada, even better.
  • Must have a 1 Gigabit connection to the Internet, or faster.
  • Must have an active, available, responsive mirror administrator during the days content is staged.
  • Must have at least 2 Internet2-connected Tier 1 mirrors.
  • Must have at least 1 Tier 1 mirror on each continent for which we have Tier 2 mirrors
  • Must serve private rsync

Tier 0 Mirrors

Tier 0 mirrors can pull from Red Hat directly over the Internet2 connection.

Server Comment Contact for ACL Internet2 / National Lamba Rail (NLR) connected hosts. Don Sizemore <dls at> Internet2. Uses ACL from MirrorManager database. Kambiz Aghaiepour <kambiz.aghaiepour at>

Tier 1 Mirrors

Tier 1 mirrors pull from one of the Tier 0 mirrors.

Server Comment Contact for ACL USx2, SE, NL <ftpadmin at> IPv6-connected or Internet2-connected mirrors only Chuck Anderson <cra at> Uses ACL from MirrorManager database . guenther.fischer at rsync:// mirror-contact at IPv4 and IPv6 mirror at South America Carlos Carvalho carlos at

Master Mirrors

  • in Raleigh, NC, USA (on Internet2, but requires static routes to use, so for Tier 0 mirrors only.)
  • in Tampa Bay, FL, USA
  • in Phoenix, AZ, USA