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Postgres-BDR and Fedora Infrastructure

History / Background

Fedora infrastructure has tried to standardize on using postgresql for database needs. Additionally we want to make our databases highly available and handle some common sysadmin cases like: updates/reboots, one hardware machine failing to function, etc. We want this to be as easy and transparent for the sysadmins, so we settled on BDR (Bi-drectional Replication). There are however some limitations application developers need to take into account, so we are going to move applications over as application developers feel they are ready for BDR.


  • Examine choices and select HA method. DONE: BDR
  • Setup some applications with BDR in staging. DONE.
  • FY18 move more applications as they are ready for BDR
  • FY18 move to postgresql 10 as it's ready.

Staging status

The following apps are currently using BDR:

on db-koji01.stg and db-koji02.stg:


on pgbdr01.stg and pgbdr02.stg:

bodhi (though it is not fully BDR compliant yet) datanommer elections fedocal koschei tahrir

Not using BDR:

tagger hyperkitty/mailman kerneltest mbs notifs nuancier pagure pkgdb2 summershum

Production status

  • No BDR applications currently, we plan to setup a db pair soon to allow ready applications to move to BDR.

Notes and links