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Python3 Porting Status
This page is for keeping track of the Python3 status of the applications we run in Fedora Infrastructure.
Application Python3 Status Notes
koji Unported
fas Unported
bodhi Unported
pkgdb2 Unported
packagedb-cli Unported
elections Unported
fedmsg Unported
fedmsg_meta_fedora_infrastructure Unported
fedbadges Unported
datanommer Unported
shumgrepper Unported
fedocal Unported
summershum Unported
fmn Unported
mirrormanager2 Unported
fedora-releng-dash Unported
tahrir Unported
nuancer Unported
fedora-packages Unported
datagrepper Unported
easyfix Unported
hyperkitty Unported
paste Unported
blockerbugs Unported
copr Unported
darkserver Unported
github2fedmsg Unported

Python Apps not developed by us

Trac Unknown
Planet Unknown
ask Unknown