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Infrastructure InfrastructureTeamN1.png


Project Sponsor

Name: Paul W. Frields

Fedora Account Name: pfrields

Group: Insight Team

Infrastructure Sponsor: Stephen John Smoogen (FAS: smooge)

Secondary Contact info

Name: Andrea Veri

Fedora Account Name: averi

Group: Insight Team

Project Info

Project Name: Insight Team

Target Audience: Fedora users

Expiration/Delivery Date (required): None. We will use this box to test changes we gonna apply later on on our production box. (

Description/Summary: Informations about the Insight Project can be found at

Specific resources needed

  • EL6 Box
  • EPEL/EPEL-testing enabled
  • root on the box with permissions to the DB and DBUSER we gonna use to develop drupal.