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Fedora Services

The Fedora Infrastructure team has developed, deployed, and currently maintains the following web services

Application Description Technologies Developers - Live Instance askbot is a Django based web application that allows users to ask and answer questions about Fedora. Python, Django kevin
bodhi - Live Instance Bodhi is a web application that aids in the process of publishing software updates, streamlining developer workflow, and facilitating community testing. Python, TurboGears, Kid, SQLObject lmacken
Elections - Live Instance A web application that aims to help facilitate community decision making. Python, TurboGears, SQLAlchemy, Genshi tremble, abadger1999
Fedora Account System - Live Instance Fedora Account System sits on top of Fedora Directory Server to provide user information management to the Fedora Project. Python, TurboGears, SQLAlchemy, Genshi ricky, mmcgrath, abadger1999, ivazquez
Koji - Live Instance Koji is the software that builds RPMs for the Fedora project Python, Cheetah dgilmore, mbonnet, mikem
Mirror Manager - Live Instance Manages Fedora's mirrors Python, TurboGears, SQLObject, Kid mdomsch
Package Database - Live Instance The Fedora Package Database is intended to track ownership information for Software Packages in the Fedora Collection. Python, TurboGears, SQLAlchemy, Genshi abadger1999, maploin, mbacovsk
Smolt - Live Instance Smolt is a basic hardware profiler. Its intended to be a profiler to get automated information from users. This should make it easier for our developers to do what they need to do. How can you help? Well look at the code and make it better. It's still in the very early stages but has good potential. Python, TurboGears, SQLAlchemy, Genshi wwoods, loupgaroublond
Fedora Community - Live Instance Fedora Community is a portal that aims to integrate all of the Fedora infrastructure in one place. Python, TurboGears2, Moksha, Mako lmacken, J5
Fedora Packages - Live Instance Fedora Packages is a search engine & widget dashboard that brings together data from many pieces of Fedora Infrastructure. Python, TurboGears2, ToscaWidgets2, Moksha, Mako, Xapian lmacken, mizmo
Fedora Tagger - Live Instance Add & rank tags for Fedora Packages Python, TurboGears2, ToscaWidgets2, Mako, SQLAlchemy ralph, lmacken, mizmo

Fedora Infrastructure Services

Fedora Infrastructure also has monitoring and other services that are not developed by Fedora directly, but are used by us.

Application Description Technologies Developers
Mailman - Live instance lists for fedora project python