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Fedora Support Ticketing System

In order to better support the Fedora developers and the community at large, the Infrastructure team has created a ticketing system to track issues, feature requests and anything else related to the Fedora infrastructure.

Getting Started

Fedora's ticketing support is built on Pagure. It is available at The ticketing system requires a valid username and password in the Fedora Accounting System. In order to request an account please see the Fedora Account System. Those who are not able to create an account or have a pressing issue that cannot wait for an accounts approval please send an email to admin AT fedoraproject DOT org.

Using the System

Users familiar with development bug tracking systems will feel right at home with Trac. Since much of our work hinges on the standard Fedora release cycle, we've created milestones for each release. Log in using your Fedora account username and password then click on new tickets. For normal bugs and day to day problems just leave the milestone blank. If your ticket is incorrectly filled out, someone in the Infrastructure team will correct it.