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= Version Control =
= Version Control =

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Xorg is maintaining a rough wishlist of what would they like to see changed in git.
Xorg is maintaining a rough wishlist of what would they like to see changed in git.


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Version Control

Who's working on this

  • ToshioKuratomi abadger1999 Bazaar; possibly Mercurial
  • Paulo Santos paulobanon
  • John Kraal geonetix
  • WarrenTogami warren
  • Mike Mcgrath mmcgrath Subversion
  • JesseKeating f13 Mercurial
  • Kristian Hoegsberg (git)
  • JeffOllie (git)

Current System

Rough guide to how the current system works


  • Unix accounts or certificate based authentication
  • Access Control Lists of per-package per-branch granularity
  • Ideally this means per-directory ACL's
  • ACLs will allow view and commit access to select contributors.
  • Embargo branches should be on the same server as the normal branches. This is necessary to allow certain upstream developers to work in cooperation with Fedora maintainers.
  • We need to scale up to hundreds of branches per package in the long run.
  • Some package/branches would be read-only to most users.
  • Other package/branches need to be completely hidden from most users.
  • E-mail notification when changes occur. These notifications must be sent from the server, and it must be not possible for users to bypass.
  • Distributed SCM allows easy sub-collections of the distribution to be built and tested independently, then the bulk be easily merged back while minimizing effort.
  • Translations for core packages are right now implemented via and tied to CVS. More longterm they might also benefit from a more modern version control system.

Highly Desirable Abilities:

  • Ability to check out only a portion of the tree in order to work on only a package, instead of the entire tree.

3rd party Resources and Opinions

Version Control System Comparison - covers just about everything except git and bzr

Quick Reference Guide to Free Software Decentralized Revision Control Systems

OpenSolaris comparison of Git, Mercurial and Bazaar-NG (at version 0.7)

Supplements the previous, well documented comparison with Performance enhancements from bzr 0.8 => 0.9.

Something that Ubuntu is thinking about

Xorg is maintaining a rough wishlist of what would they like to see changed in git.