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  1. 你需要一个活动的Fedora帐号
  2. 你必须在一个组里贡献(CLA组以外)
  3. 你需要生成一个ssh密钥(使用终端ssh-keygen -t rsa)
  4. 上传密钥到你的Fedora帐号。欲上传,点此 并选择你使用 Public RSA SSH key 段的密钥文件。通常,你的密钥会存储在你的主目录下的 .ssh/。SSH密钥给你上传The
  5. 欲连接,上传ssh密钥到你的Fedora帐号:
    ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa <你的fedora id>

这步也可以在Fedora 帐号.完成。

  1. 当已登陆,点击在侧栏的“我的帐号”.
  2. Select "edit" link next to "Account Details."
  3. Type the following in the "Public RSA SSH Key:" field:
  4. Click the "Save!" button.
  5. Verify your success. You will see "ssh-rsa" followed by alpha numeric string in "Public SSH Key:" field of your Account Details.

Common Answers

  • Each Fedora contributor has 150 MiB of quota-controlled space.
  • If you run out of space you should: clean up stuff you don't need. If you cannot clean up anything then you should contact fedora infrastructure to raise your quota.
  • To make a publicly viewable space, create a public_html directory.
  • Upload files using scp, sftp, or rsync.
Using Nautilus
If you use GNOME, visit this page for an easy way to connect to your space.
Using Dolphin or Konqueror
If you use KDE, type s in your file manager address bar for an easy way to connect to your space.

To copy files from the command line, you can use scp

scp /path/to/file

  • Once uploaded into the users public_html directory the files are available via http at:
  • Give other users access to read/write/etc files by using extended acls. Read man pages for setfacl and getfacl for adding them to your dirs/files. This gives the user jkeating read and write access to file:
setfacl -m u:jkeating:rw file