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Fedora Infrastructure has offered many services over its history, but each one takes time and effort which is always in limited supply. With that being the case, it has had to end of life various services. If you have arrived at this page it is because the service you were trying to find no longer exists:

  • Asterisk. This service was to allow Fedora users to VOIP with each other. Due to bandwidth limitations, we were not able to have this stay stable and it was ended.
  • Keys. was for looking up and adding GPG key data for users. However due to problems with the SKS keysystem being hacked, we ended service. For lookups, users should look at other services like
  • Boot. was a service to allow for iPXE booting over the internet. The main upstream went away, and Infrastructure has not had time to move to a different version. Similar service is offered at and possibly other sites.
  • Pkgdb. While this tool was very useful to many people, it was in need of constant attention and an architectural rewrite. The service was retired in 2017.
  • This was a service to allow for projects to have an open source gitforge before github and its ilk were available. Most projects on it were moved to other git forges like, or github.