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Ruoli Collaborazione nel Infrastructure Project

Ruoli collaborazione
Questi sono solo dei suggerimenti. Il solo limite è l'immaginazione.

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Chi sono

Il Team Infrastructure è composto da volontari e professionisti che gesticono server, costruiscono strumenti ed utility e creano nuove applicazioni per rendere più agevole lo sviluppo di Fedora. Sono presenti in tutto il mondo e comunicano principalmente tramite IRC e mail.


La lista dei responsabili è un tentativo per portare maggiore ordine e proprietà a Fedora Infrastructure.
Chi è responsabile:

I responsabili decidono cosa è necessario fare nelle operazioni giornaliere nei vari servizi infrastrutturali Fedora . Loro stessi lavorano per gli sviluppatori e gli utenti finali ma ultimamente riferiscono al Fedora Project Board. Fondamentalmente fanno il possibile per risolvere i problemi e colmare le esigenze, in caso la decisione finale spetta al Fedora Project Board, anche se succede raramente.
Per maggiori informazioni su responsabili e metodo d'amministrazione, vedere la pagina Officers.


Il Team Infrastructure coordina le proprie attività usando vari strumenti. I metodi principali sono gli incontri IRC settimanali, canale IRC #fedora-admin[?] situato in, e la mailing list.


Incontri settimanali anche in #fedora-meeting[?] ogni Giovedì alle 19:00 UTC.

Vedere la pagina Meetings per dettagli e archivi storici.


Membri principali e collaboratori si trovano nel canale #fedora-admin[?].

Mailing list

La mailing list del Fedora Infrastructure Project è infrastructure

Contribute to Fedora Infrastructure

Fedora is known for creating and using new technologies. The Infrastructure team helps build many of these new technologies and uses many of them on a regular basis. We are always interested in discussing these technologies from an academic and theoretical perspective.

If you're ready to work with the Fedora Infrastructure team we're looking for smart, dedicated system administrators and developers to help maintain our systems and write code. The Fedora Infrastructure team is a perfect way to give back to the community! So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our Getting Started Page!

Fedora User and Developer Conference (FUDCon)

Fedora holds four conferences each year. These conferences are held in various parts of the world. These conferences provide contributors with an opportunity to work together in real-time. If you are coming to a FUDCon and would like to work on something in particular that is infrastructure related then please add it to the appropriate list:

FUDCon - Blacksburg, VA 2012

Our Architecture

An overview of our technical Network Architecture is available online. If you have a question or constructive comment about our Network Architecture please send an e-mail to our admin inbox or stop by the #fedora-admin[?] channel on

Fedora Services

The Fedora Infrastructure team develops, deploys, and maintains various services for the Fedora Project.

Do you have a desire to work with us on a new project and need resources? Then please read our Request For Resources section.

Please note that for scripts and services written especially for Fedora, we have a licensing policy and prefer using the GPL (v2) or LGPL (v2). If you would like to use a newer version of these two licenses or a different license please start a discussion through our regular meetings, IRC or the mailing list. The licensing policy page contains details and answers to frequently asked questions so please review it before asking us questions.

Standard Operating Procedures

Working on a ticket and need to remember which commands to run to create a new hosted project? Or notice that a service is down and want to troubleshoot what's wrong with it? The Category:Infrastructure SOPs page contains instructions on common issues and resolutions and how to go about implementing them.

Bugs and Requests

Fedora Infrastructure Bugs and Requests are tracked in a Trac instance. More information about access and usage of this system can be found on the Infrastructure Tickets Wiki Page.

Make sure you've read the CommonProblems page and the ReportProblem page before reporting a bug or filing a request. Thank you for your help!


The Fedora Project has occasionally received donations of hardware which is used for the Fedora Infrastructure.
Here is our donations and sponsors page.