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This is a shorthand list of items we are needing to cover for building EPEL-8 in Fedora Infrastructure for the Fiscal Year 2020.

Point of contact: Stephen Smoogen

Time for implementation: 2020-03-31

  1. Determine buildroot requirements
    1. Koji rules for el-8 hidden external build roots
    2. import fake modules from RHEL-8 into MBS
    3. determine what default packages/modules are
    4. determine what is in 8.0 buildroot.
    5. create tool which will take 8.x RHN channel and creates a 'composed' buildroot for koji to work on
    6. TBD
  2. Determine new directory layout for compose/ship
    1. /pub/epel/releases/8.x/Everything
    2. /pub/epel/releases/8.x/Modular
    3. /pub/epel/updates/8.x/Everything
    4. /pub/epel/updates/8.x/Modular
  3. Need to branch for EL8
  4. Need koji tags
  5. FPDC entries (is FPDC ready???)
  6. Discover rel-eng tasks for setup/cleanup that no one remembers
  7. Fix fedpkg/centpkg to understand new EPEL layout, branch names, etc
  8. Determine architectures to build against (s390?)
  9. Need to work out open communication paths with Red Hat internal teams in charge of Code Ready Linux Builder for packages..
  10. Need to consult Bugzilla maintainers for changes needed
    1. Package name
    2. Business rules
  11. Establish policies for which packages are branched into EPEL-8
  12. Establish policies for how modules are branched into EPEL-8
  13. Setup policies for package 7->8 bootstrapping (w/o review)
  14. Establish tool to block packages in 8.0
  15. See what we can move back to RHEL-7