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Friday with Infra will be focused on working on applications that are maintained by Community Platform Engineering (CPE) team. Those who join can look forward to work together with members of the CPE team, gaining more knowledge about specific applications, learn about maintaining ansible scripts for OpenShift hosted applications and some fun :-).

How to contribute?

Each project has it's own contribution guidelines which are part of documentation for each project.

How can you join?

Just hang out in the #fedora-apps channel on Friday.

When do we start?

What applications we will work on?


Fedocal is a web based calendar application.

Link to source:

Contribution guidelines:


Nuancier is a web-based voting application for the supplementary wallpapers of Fedora.

Link to source:

Contribution guidelines:


fedora-elections is a web application written in Python and based on Flask. It implements the Range Voting system.

Link to source:

Contribution guidelines:

Badges (Tahrir)

Tahrir is an application used by the Fedora Project for issuing Open Badges.

Link to source:

Contribution guidelines:

Where to find us?

You can find us in #fedora-apps channel on freenode.