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Fix all the things that we have

    • Upgrade TurboGears1 apps to TurboGears2
      • Write automated tests using TG2's test framework
    • Fix the FAS authenticators to be less chatty
      • Put fas session information into memcached
    • Update FAS to have an admin console (no more direct db needs)
    • Update pkgdb to have an admin console (no more direct db needs)
    • Fix the Django auth providers to be faster
    • Move transifex to
    • Move blogs to
    • Move publictest to the cloud and create a sundown on them
    • Automated hosted projects
    • Automated build overrides
    • Automated creation of new machines -- run one command and it's up
    • puppet staging vs production
    • Use yubikey for two-factor auth (instead of either or auth)
    • glusterfs fedorapeople filesystem
    • glusterfs fedorahosted filesystem
    • Talk to mediawiki folks on how to run attachments to mediawiki so that we don't need a special machine (possibly glusterfs again?)
    • Split db to get fas to a different db server
    • Replicate db so that we don't have a SPOF
    • logging sucks
      • IPs hit proxies but we also need them to hit the app servers.
      • Fas needs to log more actions to its database
    • Do periodic reinstallations of guests (like app servers) so that we know there's nothing changed not in puppet.
    • fix backups
      • Make sure we're backing up everything
      • Stop backing up sysadmin data (/usr)
      • Reduce koji's resources
    • Finish and deploy coprs
    • go through list of rpm -Va on all hosts (in /var/tmp/global-rpm-va on puppet1) and make sure all the files there have counterparts in puppet to explain their changes

Done items

    • Upgrade quota to 2GB