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We use SOPs (standard operating procedures) to list how we run things in Fedora. A better explanation and a list of SOPs is available at Category:Infrastructure SOPs.

Use the same "Contact Information" section on all SOPs. Past that, sections vary as needed.


Contact Information

Owner: Fedora Infrastructure Team

Contact: #fedora-admin


Servers: app servers mediawiki runs on

Purpose: Keeps sysadmin-main sane

SOP naming

SOP page names should use spaces/underscores and not use subpages, as per the wiki standard. SOPs need not have "Infrastructure" in their title. Describe the service and end the page name with "SOP".

Stuff every SOP should have


At the top of the wiki page, include the following two lines:


Contact information

Here's the template:

== Contact Information ==






Include your SOP in the infrastructure SOPs category:

[[Category:Infrastructure SOPs]]

Create the shortcut

After saving the page the first time, create the shortcut. The shortcut is just a redirect to the original page. Click the red link in the "Shortcut" box at the top of your new page and save it with this line:

#REDIRECT [[New SOP page name]]

Obviously, replace New SOP page name with the name of your new SOP's page. (More about redirects)