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Owner: Fedora Infrastructure Team

Contact: #fedora-admin

Location: anywhere

Servers: any

Purpose: Makes sure decommisioning machines is correctly done


When a machine (be it virtual instance or real physical hardware is decommisioned, a set of steps must be followed to ensure that the machine is properly removed from the set of machines we manage and doesn't cause problems down the road.

Retire process

1. Ensure that the machine is no longer used for anything. Use git-grep, stop services, etc.

2. Remove the machine from puppet. Make sure you not only remove the main machine name, but also any aliases it might have (or move them to an active server if they are active services. Make sure to search for the IP address(s) of the machine as well. Ensure dns is updated to remove the machine.

3. Remove the machine from any labels in hardware devices like consoles or the like.

4. Revoke the puppet cert for the machine.

5. Move the machine xml defintion to ensure it does NOT start on boot. You can move it to 'name-retired-YYYY-MM-DD'.

6. Ensure any backend storage the machine was using is freed or renamed to name-retired-YYYY-MM-DD

TODO: fill in commands