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Fedora Infrastructure freezes changes to certain critical boxes when we near a release (alpha, beta, prerelease, as well as final release). This is to ensure that the build system, compose system, download servers, and other infrastructure for creating and hosting the release are stable for the release date. Naturally, some tasks that we come up with during this time are held off on until after the release. This page is a short list of things that are planned for post freeze so we think about them then.

Fedora 15 final freeze

Date/Time (if needed) Owner Task
Anytime post-freeze Toshio Change PackageDB build acls to Obsolete. We don't acl the builds and we're never going to so get rid of this in the db
2011-05-30 Codeblock migrate noc01 to nagios3 and rhel6 goodness
2011-05-31 Kevin move vm's off xen14 and retire it. It's going out of warentee
2011-05-31 Smooge move secondary01 off to secondary02 and retire 01