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This page tracks customizations made to a Drupal-based test instance for Fedora Insight.

Administrator access
You'll need full access to Drupal uid 1 (the site administrator account) to complete some of these steps.


General changes

  1. Install the AuthFAS module. The source is found here.
    cd /etc/drupal6/all/modules/
    git clone git:// authfas
  2. Install the Insight theme. (This doesn't exist yet, but it will. When it does, fill out this step. --pfrields 19:33, 14 August 2010 (UTC))

Site building

  1. In the Modules configuration, enable the following modules in the Core - Optional section:
    • Book
    • Content translation
    • Search
    Enable the following modules in the Other section:
    • AuthFAS

Site configuration

  1. Configure the AuthFAS module with the following settings. This points the AuthFAS module to the FakeFAS instance on publictest4, and requires that anyone logging in be a member of the cla_done FAS group. Furthermore, it sets up email for each new user at
    Location of FAS instance:
    FAS group for authenticated users:  cla_done
    Email domain used for FAS users:
  2. Content management

    User management

    == Reports ==