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This page tracks customizations made to a Drupal-based test instance for Fedora Insight.

Administrator access
You'll need full access to Drupal uid 1 (the site administrator account) to complete some of these steps.

General changes

  1. Install the AuthFAS module. The source is found here.
    cd /etc/drupal6/all/modules/
    git clone git:// authfas
  2. Install the Insight theme. (This doesn't exist yet, but it will. When it does, fill out this step. --pfrields 19:33, 14 August 2010 (UTC))

Site building

  1. In the Modules configuration module, enable the following modules in the Core - Optional section:
    • Aggregator
    • Book
    • Color
    • Comment
    • Content translation
    • Database logging
    • Help
    • Menu
    • Search
    • Taxonomy
    • Trigger
    • Update status
    Enable the following modules in the Other section:
    • AuthFAS

Site configuration

  1. Configure the AuthFAS module with the following settings. The settings below point the AuthFAS module to a FAS instance on publictest4, and requires that anyone logging in be a member of the cla_done FAS group. Furthermore, it sets up email for each new user at
    Location of FAS instance:
    FAS group for authenticated users:  cla_done
    Email domain used for FAS users:
  2. Content management

    User management

    1. In the User settings module, set Public registrations to Only site administrators can create new user accounts.
    2. In the User settings module, disable signature and picture support.
    3. In the FAS instance, create three new groups:
      • cmsadmin
      • cmseditor
      • cmswriter
      In the Drupal instance, create three new roles:
      • administrator
      • editor
      • writer
      Edit each role to hook it to the appropriate FAS group listed above. To grant users more access to help with Drupal, use the FAS system -- not the Drupal instance.
    4. In the Permissions module, set the following permissions:
      Permission anonymous user authenticated user administrator editor writer
      aggregator module access news feeds Checkmark.png
      administer news feeds
      authfas module
      administer FAS settings
      block module
      administer blocks
      use PHP for block visibility
      book module
      access printer-friendly version
      add content to books
      administer book outlines
      create new books
      comment module
      access comments
      administer comments
      post comments
      post comments without approval
      filter module
      administer filters
      locale module
      administer languages
      translate interface
      menu module
      administer menu
      node module
      access content
      administer content types
      administer nodes
      create book content
      create page content
      create story content
      delete any book content
      delete any page content
      delete any story content
      delete own book content
      delete own page content
      delete own story content
      delete revisions
      edit any book content
      edit any page content
      edit any story content
      edit own book content
      edit own page content
      edit own story content
      revert revisions
      view revisions
      system module
      access administration pages
      access site reports
      administer actions
      administer files
      administer site configuration
      select different theme
      taxonomy module
      administer taxonomy
      translation module
      translate content
      user module
      access user profiles
      administer permissions
      administer users
      change own username
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