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Caratteristiche accettate in Fedora 12

Queste caratteristiche sono state accettate dall'Engineering Steering Committee di Fedora per il rilascio di Fedora 12.


 % Completezza Nome Sommario Aggiornato
100% Abrt 1.0 Questo tool serve per inviare bug usando pochi click, per facilitare l'esperienza di un crash agli utenti poco esperti. 2009-08-03
100% Anaconda MDRaid Use mdraid instead of dmraid for certain BIOS-RAID types (currently only Intel BIOS-RAID using imsm meta-data). 2009-07-16
100% Better Webcam Support Migliorato il supporto per Webcam 2009-08-03
100% DisplayPort Enhanced support for DisplayPort in X and kernel drivers for Intel hardware 2009-10-08
100% Dracut Dracut è un sostitutivo di nash/mkinitrd. 2009-08-19
100% Eclipse Call Graph Visualizza graficamente la gerarchia delle chiamate quando è in esecuzione il binario di un sorgente C/C++, insieme ad altre statistiche sull'ambiente in esecuzione. 2009-09-25
100% Empathy Impostato Empathy come client IM predefinito 2009-09-02
100% FCoE Add Fibre Channel over Ethernet support to anaconda's storage code 2009-08-19
100% Fedora Studio Agevolato l'accesso ai vari tipi di applicazioni multimediali 2009-09-27
100% GFS2 Clustered Samba Supporto a cluster Samba (inclusa configurazione active/active) su GFS2 usando CTDB. 2009-09-29
100% Gnome2.28 Basato su GNOME 2.28 2009-09-24
100% KDE 4.3 Rebase to KDE 4.3 and offer new features such as DeviceKit support 2009-10-12
100% KSM Consentire alle macchine virtuali KVM guest, di condividere identiche pagine di memoria. 2009-08-05
100% KVM Huge Page Backed Memory Enable KVM guests to use huge page backed memory in order to reduce memory consumption and improve performance by reducing CPU cache pressure 2009-09-24
100% KVM NIC Hotplug Consente a guest virtual machine di aggiungere una interfaccia di rete guest senza dover riavviare la macchina virtuale. 2009-08-05
100% KVM qcow2 Performance Migliorare le prestazioni di I/O delle macchine virtuali usando immagini disco di formato qcow2. 2009-08-05
100% KVM Stable Guest ABI Consente a guest virtual machines di essere presentati con lo stesso ABI atraverso aggiornamenti di QEMU. 2009-08-05
100% libguestfs Libguestfs is a library for accessing and modifying virtual machine disk images 2009-07-31
100% liblvm Aggiunta liblvm, una libreria in userspace per interfacciare applicazioni a LVM 2009-09-23
100% Lower Process Capabilities This feature will lower the capabilities of all root daemons and many setuid apps. File and directory permissions may be reworked to require DAC_OVERRIDE for any system update 2009-10-08
100% Mobile Broadband Enhancements Esteso in NetworkManager il supporto per schede di rete mobili a banda larga, con possibilità di visualizzare la potenza del segnale di connessione, esplorare e selezionare la rete; altro. 2009-09-30
100% NetBeans_6.7 Re-base to NetBeans 6.7 2009-08-14
100% NetworkManagerIPv6 Aggiunto a NetworkManager pieno supporto per IPv6. 2009-07-28
100% NetworkManager System Connections Aggiunto a NetworkManager pieno supporto per connessioni di rete system-wide. 2009-08-02
100% Open Shared Root The open sharedroot project provides abilities to boot multiple linux systems with the same root filesystem providing a single system filesystem based cluster. 2009-08-18
100% PolicyKit 1.0 PolicyKit provides a flexible framework for granting users access to privileged operations. It is meant to replace the old userhelper approach, and overcome some of its shortcomings. PolicyKit 1.0 addresses architectural shortcomings of the initial PolicyKit design. 2009-09-24
100% Power Management F12 improve and extend the functionality of tuned, merge it with ktune from RHEL 5 and introduce a new and easy way to switch between various predefined and extendible tuning settings for your system 2009-08-18
100% Fedora Moblin™ Aggiunto a Fedora supporto per il sistema operativo Moblin™ impiegato su NetBook/NetTop/MID. 2009-09-25
100% Virtual Network Interface Management Provide tools to easily set up commonly used network configurations, like bridges, bonds, vlan's and sensible combinations thereof, in particular for virtualized hosts. 2009-08-05
100% PackageKitBrowserPlugin Il plugin del browser di PackageKit permette di installare le applicazioni direttamente dal browser. 2009-09-24
100% PackageKitCommandNotFound La funzionalità command not found di PackageKit automaticamente inserisce i comandi mancanti, o suggerisce opportune correzioni ai comandi errati. 2009-08-07
100% Rakudo Perl 6 Rakudo is an implementation of the Perl 6 specification for the Parrot virtual machine 2009-08-06
100% SR-IOV Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) is a PCI feature which allows virtual functions (VF) to be created that share the resources of a physical function (PF) 2009-08-05
100% Systemtap Tracing Refresh New and improved systemtap with much better documentation, examples and tools. Updated to take advantage of modern gcc debuginfo (dwarf) output, kernel tracepoints. 2009-09-23
100% Thusnelda Aggiornato libtheora alla versione 1.1 2009-09-24
100% Virt Privileges Improve security by adjusting the privileges of QEMU processes managed by libvirt. Also, allow KVM to be used by unprivileged users 2009-08-05
100% VirtgPXE Replace the deprecated etherboot pxe booting infrastructure with the more modern and currently upstream supported gpxe. 2009-08-05
100% Virt Storage Management Enable VM hosts to discover new SAN storage, issue NPIV operations and do basic configuration of multipath devices 2009-08-05
100% Volume Control Continued 2009-09-24
100% XI2 XI2 is the second major release of the X Input Extension and allows the simultaneous use of multiple independent input devices. 2009-09-24
100% XZ Rpm Payloads Switch RPM to use XZ (the new LZMA format) as default payload compression 2009-08-19
100% x86 Support Changing the base architecture to i686 and optimizing for current 32-bit processors 2009-08-20

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