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How to get started

Intrigued? Want to give Fedora 12 a try?

You can download a LiveCD regardless of what operating system you're running. This will give you a working version of Fedora, complete with common applications, all running off your CD drive - your hard drive won't be touched at all. And when you're ready, installation is just a click away.

And if you're running Fedora 11, upgrading is easy. Refer to our handy documentation for help.

Help make Fedora!

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Want to join the Fedora community and help us make the best Linux distribution even better? Get started at Our diverse community from all over the globe welcomes contributors of all types. From artists to marketers to coders to testers to writers to translators and more, you can get involved. Share what you know or help with something you've always wanted to learn; mentors are always available to help you get started.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on Fedora 12. Have a suggestion? Find a bug? Start by taking a look at the Common F12 bugs to see if it's something we know about. (That page has information on what to do if you don't find your bug, too.)

Further reading

Want more? Here are some further resources on Fedora 12, or talk with a community member in our live chat 24/7.

Five Fun Things in Fedora 12 Video

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In fifteen minutes, learn 5 fun things you can do with Fedora 12!

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