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== Memos, notes, tutorials, how-to's ==
== Memos, notes, tutorials, how-to's ==
* [[JaroslavReznik/Packaging|Packaging]]
* [[JaroslavReznik/Packaging|Packaging]]
* [[JaroslavReznik/FedoraKDEBranding]]
* [[JaroslavReznik/FedoraKDEBranding|Fedora KDE branding]]
* [[JaroslavReznik/KDEAppsListsReview|KDE SPEC files applications listing review]]

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Jaroslav Řezník

I'm working (from July 2008) for Red Hat as Software Engineer in Base OS Development team - Core Services (Brno Office). One part of my work are system configuration utilities and another part is work on KDE!


  • Email: jreznik AT redhat DOT com
  • IRC: jreznik AT freenode and redhat IRC
  • GPG key: Your key ID and/or signature
  • Fedora Account: jreznik
  • Jabber: rezza AT jabber DOT cz, rezzabuh AT gmail DOT com

Activities within Fedora

I'm responsible for this packages/projects:

  • system-config-bind (maintainer, packager),
  • system-config-netboot (maintainer, packager),
  • system-config-keyboard (?),
  • system-config-mouse (rhel 4 only)
  • KDE/Qt developer, KDE SIG

New packages:

  • [1] (Push Me Pull You) - GUI for VCS's (Rawhide, pending update),
  • kio_sysinfo - KDE 4 kioslave which shows basic system information by Lukáš Tinkl,
  • arora - Qt 4 WebKit browser (rpms for download)

Memos, notes, tutorials, how-to's