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Jaroslav Řezník

I'm working (from July 2008) for Red Hat as Software Engineer in Base OS Development team - Core Services (Brno Office). One part of my work are system configuration utilities and another part is work on KDE!

FUDCon 2009 Toronto

  • As I am responsible for system configuration in Fedora/RHEL, I'd like to have talk about current state of s-c-* tools, cleanup and future - means replacement for current tools, Policy Kit porting etc., aimed mostly on developers. I'd like to hear opinion on my proposals. Of course I'd like to attend Mairin's usability talk at it's very important for system configuration GUIs.
  • Next part of my Fedora involvement is Fedora KDE. I'm Fedora KDE SIG member and we'd like to meet face to face with Rex and other community members. We do European sessions but lot of members are from the US. Aaron Seigo (KDE upstream, president of KDE e. V.) is going to attend too. We'd like to set up KDE meeting.
  • I'm Red Hat employee, funded by RH.

Unfortunately to enter Canada I need visa - so I need an invitation letter and in case of approved support I need confirmation of it. More documents better - even communication with event organizers. My passport is pending, than I can request visa and then in case of positive response I can plan travelling.


  • Email: jreznik AT redhat DOT com
  • IRC: jreznik AT freenode and redhat IRC
  • Fedora Account: jreznik
  • Jabber: rezza AT jabber DOT cz, rezzabuh AT gmail DOT com

Activities within Fedora

I'm responsible for this packages/projects:

  • system-config-bind (maintainer, packager),
  • system-config-netboot (maintainer, packager),
  • system-config-keyboard (?),
  • system-config-mouse (rhel 4 only),
  • pmpu (Push Me Pull You) - GUI for VCS's ,
  • arora - Qt 4 WebKit browser,
  • KDE 4 Plasma - various KDE 4 Plasma applets,
  • Solar Theme for KDE,
  • kopete-cryptography - Kopete cryptography plugin,
  • gnash (co-maintainer),
  • kvkbd - Virtual keyboard for KDE,
  • kio_sysinfo - KDE 4 kioslave which shows basic system information by Lukáš Tinkl (now integrated with kickoff),
  • KDE/Qt developer, KDE SIG.

Full list of my packages (owned, co-maintained):

New packages I'm working on:

  • qpitch - guitar tuner.

Memos, notes, tutorials, how-to's

Linux v Brne