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Jaroslav Řezník

I'm working (from July 2008) for Red Hat as Software Engineer in Base OS Development team - Core Services (Brno Office). One part of my work are system configuration utilities and another part is work on KDE! Currently I'm member of Fedora Board. But you can find me nearly everywhere in Fedora ;-)


  • Email: jreznik AT redhat DOT com
  • IRC: jreznik AT freenode and redhat IRC
  • Fedora Account: jreznik
  • Jabber: rezza AT jabber DOT cz, rezzabuh AT gmail DOT com

Activities within Fedora

I'm responsible for this packages/projects:

  • Fedora Board member
  • packager
  • system configuration tools
  • KDE maintainer/developer
  • Matahari guy

Full list of my packages (owned, co-maintained):

Memos, notes, tutorials, how-to's (warning: some already obsoleted, not updated, etc. wait for Spring cleaning)

Linux v Brne

Fedora/FOSS Events


LinuxTag 2011 Berlin, Openmobility 2011 Brno, Desktop Summit 2011


LinuxExpo 2011 Prague, Red Hat Developers Conference 2011 Brno, FUDCon NA 2011 Tempe, FUDCon NA 2009 Toronto, FUDCon EMEA 2010 Zurich, FUDCon EMEA 2008 Brno, LinuxAlt 2010 Brno, Gran Canaria Desktop Summit 2009, Akademy 2010 Tampere, MeeGo Conference 2010 Dublin and so on ;-)