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Jeff Sheltren


I (co-)maintain the following packages for Fedora:

  • cfengine - (Fedora and EPEL) [1]
  • fortune-mod - (Fedora and EPEL) [2]
  • bash-completion (Fedora and EPEL)
  • createrepo (EPEL-4)
  • python-elementtree (EPEL-4)
  • python-sqlite (Fedora and EPEL)
  • python-urlgrabber (EPEL-4)
  • recode (EPEL)
  • yum (EPEL-4)


I am currently a member of the EPEL Steering Committee


My Computer Science web site can be found here: There you will find the world famous beer list among other random information.

Various cfengine packages can be found here:

I can be reached via email: jeff AT

My nick on is Jeff_S

My GPG key id is: 98D46CD3