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Interested in Fedora on Netbooks? Add your name to the list below so that we can try to make some progress on things

Who Have hardware? Interested in working on? Availability time
JeremyKatz Acer Aspire One Hardware enablement, fixing apps to work nicely with resolutions, sugar
Kevin Verma Nokia N8x0, Emulators (QEMU,KVM,VMWare), possible to get access to OQO, EEE PC Project organization, building roadmap, pulling in packages to rawhide useful for small devices Daytime IST
Peter Robinson Asus eeePC 901, Fit-PC (same specs as XO-1) Hardware enablement, adding apps/libraries useful to small devices, testing random, UK based
Ian Weller ASUS Eee PC 900 Making things work :D Usually after 2200 UTC until 2700 UTC on weekdays during school year
Dennis Gilmore XO-1 Hardware enablement, allow people like OLPC to use fedora entirely
Jaroslav Reznik EEE PC 701, OpenMoko Freerunner New user experience with (not only) small factor computers daytime CET
Don Harper eeePC 701 Testing, making things go. Used to be a Red Hat Beta tester, but been out of the testing thing for a bit early morning to mid days, week days, Central US (GMT -6)
zcat Acer Aspire One (1.5G RAM/8GB SSD/16GB SDHC) SSD & other performance tweaks; getting F9/F10 working outofthebox with minimal postconfig (madwifi in f9 vs ath5k in f10 kernel); testing a possible "netbook" SPIN. random EDT
Jonathan Roberts Aspire One Making the user experience as good as possible. Been working to get the Ubuntu netbook apps packaged, about to put new specs in bugzilla for review, co-maintained with Yakov Nemoy. Will happily test other stuff as well Varies. England based.
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