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|REAL-NAME= Joerg (kital) Simon
|HOME= Laurentiusstrasse 14, D-71282 Hemmingen, Germany
|image= Joerg simon.jpg
|FAS-NAME= jsimon
|gpg= C823558E5B5B5688
||irc-nick= kital
|irc-channels=#fedora-de #fedora-admin #fedora-ambassadors
== OSS related work ==
I dedicated and will still dedicate a large part of my time to the Ambassador Membership Service [[Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee#Task_Groups|(AMA)]], where i guide new Contributors as a sponsor and mentor into the Fedora Project. And my other "everyday" Job is to maintain the ambassador-mailing-list as Administrator.<br/>
To increase the Quality of the Ambassador Membership Process, i have developed and helped FAmSCo to establish the new approval process. I work on Fedora to bring in or bring back OSS Security Test Applications like dsniff or others, trying new [ MarketingMaterials] producing [ SWAG] for us - or work as PressOfficer for the Fedora EMEA e.V. and help as one of the few Fedora in Library Activists. I initiated a few things which today are essential parts within Fedora Ambassadors, like the [[Ambassadors/PoloShirt | AmbassadorPolo]] or the well known generic Posterdesigns from [ MairinDuffy]. Promoting Fedora on Events is also a major part of a Ambassador and so i work as organizer, driver, helper, slogger, promoter on a lot [[JoergSimon#Fedora_Events_Pics | Events]] every year. In the other Hand i work on OpenSource Projects like the LDAP Workgroup BW.
* Vice Chair [[Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee|Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee]]
* [ Mentor for new Ambassadors]
* [ Sponsor for Fedora Ambassador Membership Service]
* [ Administrator of Fedora Ambassador Mailing List]
* [ Founding Member of "Fedora EMEA" NPO]
* [ Baden-Wuerttemberg:Open Source Layer LDAP Workgroup ]
* [ FedoraLibraries]
* [ The Driving Eventbox 2007]
* [ Fedora Logistic Group 2008]
* [ Event SWAG & Equipment Production]
* [ Creator of the Fedora-Poloshirt]
* [ Linuxtag 2006]
* [ FAD EMEA 2006]
* [ FOSDEM Brüssel 2007]
* [ CLT 2007]
* [ Linuxtag 2007]
* [ FAD EMEA 2007]
* [http:// FOSDEM Brüssel 2008]
* [ CLT 2008] [ Preparation]  [ Day1]  [ Day2]
* [ Open Expo Bern 2008]  [ Day1] , [ Day2]
* [ Open Expo Zuerich/Winterthur 2008]  [ Day1]
* [ Linuxtag 2008], [ Day0], [ Day1], [ Day3], [ Day4]
* [[FAD/FADEMEA2008|FAD EMEA 2008]], [ Administration&Mentoring Presentation]
<br />
'''Future plans'''
* Enhance Fedora´s presence in underrepresented Regions - this means in a short timeframe: support the ReleaseEvent in [[FedoraEvents/ReleaseParty/F10/Kyrgyzstan | Kyrgyzstan]] as a trailblazer (T-Shirts, Money...) - organize Fedora´s Presence on a [ Event in Hungary in Spring 2009]. On a longterm, turn more and more of the white spaces on the worldmap into blue.
* Improve the MembershipProcess to make it easier and faster to contribute and work together with higher quality
* Establish real mentoring within regional requirements
* Establish measurability for our Work
* Establish liasons to other subprojects
* Invent new ways to encourage people to contribute to the Fedora Project
== Person ==
Joerg Simon was born in  1971 in Gera, Thüringen (East-Germany). He lives in Baden-Württemberg with his wife Sabine. His first contact with IT related stuff was in the middle 80's ([ KC85] ) at School. In the early 90's he joined the German Army for 12 years where he was NCO (Rank E-8) in a data processing unit in the first 4 years. He trained and worked in databaseprogramming(Generalized Information System) on UNIX Mainframe Computers. Later he changed to another unit and attended a UNIX based GIS System ([!!/delta/base64xml/L2dJQSEvUUt3QS80SVVFLzZfMTZfOEE1?yw_contentURL=/C1256F870054206E/W269WHTG810INFODE/content.jsp HEROS] ) for display location and situation in battle scenarios. During the last 4 year he led the Information Management Department in the same Unit and improved his knowledge in IT Security. At the same time in 1996 he used Linux to join smaller units on one Information System via RAS, supported by a colleague and friend ([ crenz] ). He learned quickly that RedHat was the Distribution for his requirements - like now Fedora - and decided to dedicate a part of his life to the FOSS World.
After his time in the Army he worked 2 years as an instructor for an it-training-center. During this time he also promoted Linux in several presentations and scripts. He changed to the HIC AG in 2004 and was in charge for the company IT. Today he is working as a Technical Consultant in the Security Team of HIC AG.
== Fedora Events Pics ==
* [ LinuxTag/FUDCon2 Karlsruhe 2005 Pictures]
* [ LinuxTag Wiesbaden 2006 Pictures]
* [ LinuxTag Berlin 2007 Pictures]
* [ LinuxTag Berlin 2008 Pictures] 
* [ Fedora Ambassadors Day 2006 Pictures]
* [ Fedora Ambassadors Day 2007 Pictures]
* [ FOSDEM Brüssel 2007 Pictures]
* [ FOSDEM Brüssel 2008 Pictures]
* [ CLT 2007 Pictures]
* [ CLT 2008 Pictures]
* [ OpenExpo 2008 Bern]
* [ OpenExpo 2008 Zuerich/Winterthur]
== Awards&Certifications ==
* [ Fedora Ambassadors Recognition Awards March2007]
* [ OSSTMM Professional Security Tester Accredited Certification (OPST)]
* RHCA Exams EX436&EX423 <BR>([ Verify my Redhat Exams] )
* MCSE ;-)

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