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= Joining the Fedora Ambassadors Project =
{{Admon/tip | If you have any question on your Fedora Ambassadors Membership, please contact [[FabianAffolter]], [[JoergSimon]] or [[RodrigoPadula]] for [[Ambassadors/MembershipService| Membership Service]].}}
Following steps are imperative to join Ambassadors project:
# Sign up in the [ Fedora Account System].
# Complete the CLA through the [ Account System].
# Join the 'Ambassadors' group in the [ Account System].
# Follow the Instructions you will receive from Fedora Ambassador Membership Administration (AMA).
## '''Create your personal wiki page''' in the Fedora Project Wiki . The page must contain: valid contact informations, who you are, what your are doing, what you will do, what are your goals as a Ambassador and so on. A Template can be found at . As a Ambassador you represent Fedora also through your personal presence and you should constantly keep an eye on the quality of your wikipage.
## '''Subscribe to [ Fedora Ambassadors Mailing List]''' It is an imperative rule that, if you want to be an Ambassador (in FAS) you have to be subscribed in the only, official list of ambassadors!
## '''Send a Message to [mailto:jsimon%40fedoraproject%2eorg AMA]''' that you have done the Steps
{{Admon/tip | During first 30 days on probation, the new Ambassador would not normally be able to request money or materials from the project. Exceptions can be made in extraordinary cases.<BR><BR>If a person already actively contributing to another project with Fedora joins the Ambassadors team, they may skip the "probation" status.}}
=Find regional Ambassador Mentors (DRAFT)=
If you need help with special regional Requirements you can find help by this Mentors:
**[[User:Herlo|Clint Savage]]
**[[User:Ke4qqq|David Nalley]]
**[[User:inode0|John Rose]]
**[[User:bpowell01|Brian Powell]]
**[[User:lcafiero|Larry Cafiero]]
*Asia - China
**[[User:Bbbush|Yuan Yijun]]
=Be active as a Ambassador=
* '''Participate in regular meetings''' for your region on in the channel '''#fedora-meeting''' (the time of the next meeting is usually posted in the topic of the chat and on the mailing list). See [[Ambassadors/Meetings| Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes]] to catch up.
* '''Have your name on [[Ambassadors/CountryList|  Ambassadors Country List]] ''' so the people can find and contact you. 
* '''Be a speaker at an event.''' Clubs, Linux User Groups (LUGs), school/college/university groups can all benefit from hearing the good word about Fedora. Talk to people. Casually, in a suit, it doesn't matter.<BR>''If you were asked to talk at an event, don't panic-—browse wiki and you will find some material to get you started. FUDCon pages might be a good place to start, as most of the talks that were given at past conferences are available there for download.''
* '''Collect press articles about Fedora''' and post them to the [[Fedora press archive|  Press Archive]]
* '''Collect feedback from community members''' and submit it to the [ Fedora Marketing List]  or talk about it with any Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee member.<BR>''Consider posting Fedora success stories on [[Marketing/UserTestimonials|  Fedora User Testimonials page]] .''
* '''Promote Fedora events.''' We organize a FUDCon, about once every three months - use contact base to gain speakers, attendees, gophers, et al.<BR>''If you want to help out organizing a FUDCon or other Fedora event, visit FUDCon/Organization to see what tasks are there to be taken care of.''
* '''Distribute Press Releases to local press,''' translating them into a local language, when required.<BR>''Need a press release? Here is the [[Fedora press archive|  Press Release Repository]] .''
* '''Support and coordinate offline Fedora and Open Source activities,''' like Software Freedom Day, handing out flyers, the distribution on DVD, and so forth.<BR>''Watch this list of upcoming offline FedoraEvents''
* '''Sign up Fedora Project for regional events'''-—it need not be a computer-related event to be relevant. Go to a music trade show to talk about free culture and open music formats, go to a university event to talk about Fedora to students and faculty, go to a local Linux event and get some space for a booth in the .ORG pavilion...<BR>''Once you have secured participation in an event, please add it to the FedoraEvents list!''
* Just make sure to '''coordinate with Fedora Marketing''' so you get support in form of money for travel, space, booth signage, trade show infrastructure, giveaways, etc.<BR>'' [[FedoraEvents/Organization|  Event Organizers' Resources]]  page is a good place to start.''
* '''Communicate eloquently'''. Fedora Ambassadors should be the conduct leaders for the community. Make sure you dont trash talk or be rude to anyone while wearing a 'Fedora' or even in general to the community. See CommunityConduct page for general guidelines and [[Ambassadors/Conduct|  Ambassadors conduct]]  for specific information.
* '''Become an expert at Fedora''' (both the project and the distribution). This way you're a constant resource to your local userbase, which will make new users more welcome to the project/distribution. When in doubt however, ask.
* '''Keep Up with Current Issues ''' - Fedora Ambassadors should keep up with Current Issues by tracking and reading various news resources such as [[NewsProject |Fedora News Project]] , [ Red Hat Magazine]  and even [ Planet Fedora] .
{{Admon/tip | If you are unsure of messaging, [[Marketing/TalkingPoints|  Fedora Talking Points]]  is always a good source}}
==== Need Stuff? ====
If you need stuff/money for an event make sure that this event is listed at [[FedoraEvents| Event]] page before the deadline passed for the period where the event is in.  If you miss the deadline for the [[Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee/Budget| budget]] it would become more complicate to get the money or even impossible.  Because you have to ask other event owner if they can pass you some money.
Any questions?  Ask [[Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee| FAmSCo]]

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