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= Jose M Manimala =
=== Contact ===
* '''Email''': [[MailTo(josemanimala AT gmail DOT com)] 
* '''Messenger''': josemanimala AT hotmail DOT com
* '''GPG key''': 98FF52D2
* '''Fedora Account''': josemm
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== About Me ==
* I love the outdoors, If you dont find me on my computer then I will be somewhere near the sea!
* I live in chennai now and fedora has given me a lot. Time to give it back!
== What i am good at! ==
* Love linux, can do just about anything on it. Know a good deal of python and Flex.
* irritating people and making friends.
* Here to Help everyone and anyone. Drop me an email.
== Fedora and Me ==
* Fedora Ambassadors Member.
== Notes ==
* [ Notes on basic shell scripting!!] .
== Projects ==
* FLV Player in Flex.(Contact me for the source.)
* Optimising WSDL in php using NUSoap!
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