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Jose M Manimala


  • Email: [[MailTo(josemanimala AT gmail DOT com)]
  • Messenger: josemanimala AT hotmail DOT com
  • GPG key: 98FF52D2
  • Fedora Account: josemm

About Me

  • I am a graduate student studying computer science and engineering at Cochin, Kerala.
  • Have a great deal of experience in Server administration and Server side programming.
  • An ardent fan of linux for over six years. Have not been able to contribute much except through using Linux and administrating servers.
  • Love to do research in the field of mathematics and computational genetics have developed my own algorithm for image encryption.

What i am good at!

  • Configuring a linux server from scratch for various applications and technologies.
  • scripting languages.
  • Mysql/Oracle.

Fedora and Me

  • Fedora Ambassadors Member.