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Using nm-applet instead of knetworkmanager or kde-plasma-networkmanagement

Do you prefer to use the old NetworkManager gui instead of knetworkmanager or kde-plasma-networkmanagement? If so just follow these simple instructions to enable it by default.

Enable nm-applet autostart

$ yum install NetworkManager-gnome

$ mkdir ~/.kde/share/autostart

$ grep -v NotShowIn /etc/xdg/autostart/nm-applet.desktop > ~/.kde/share/autostart/nm-applet.desktop

then use systemsettings->(advanced)->autostart to

  • enable nm-applet

Disable knetworkmanager

On Fedora 13, knetworkmanager is used by default in kde.

$ cp /usr/share/autostart/kde4-knetworkmanager-autostart.desktop ~/.kde/share/autostart/

then use systemsettings->(advanced)->autostart to

  • disable knetworkmanager

Alternatively, you can simply uninstall knetworkmanager to effectively disable it too.

Disable kde-plasma-networkmanagement

On Fedora 14, kde-plasma-networkmanagement is used by default in kde. The simplest way to disable it, is to uninstall it. Even if the plasma applet isn't present or active on your desktop, it's kded module autoloads, which will prevent other managers, like nm-applet, to function.

Alternatively, you can, edit


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