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Overall department goals

  • Modernizing release process and deliverables
  • Create and improve systems, resources, and upstream efforts that benefit general users, and help draw power users into contribution
  • Improve/maintain systems/resources for existing contributors

Team High Level Goals

  • Plan for and deliver high quality kernel for upcoming Fedora releases
  • Improve team efficiency and community collaboration
  • Increase participation in upstream kernel community


Description Category Lead Person Target
Retrace kernel issue reduction Quality/Upstream FY
Improve kernel task automation Efficiency/Automation
Increase upstream kernel reviews and bugfixes Upstream
Contribute kernel specific content to Fedora Magazine articles Collaboration
Kernel test system - what's next Quality/Upstream Justin Forbes


  • Retrace is flooded with kernel reports (so is bugzilla but this is always the case)
  • Our team's participation in the upstream kernel community has dwindled significantly
    • This means we're considered outsiders more than members
    • Decreased visibility can lead to decreased responsiveness from upstream
  • The team's integration within the distro is fairly minimal
    • Good and bad
      • Good: We aren't holding anything up. The kernel ships on time and is fairly high quality overall
      • Not so good:
        • We don't necessarily improve the overall release
        • We don't ask for and discuss needs/problems other teams are having (e.g. Desktop)
  • Interaction with Red Hat stakeholders is minimal
    • Normally doesn't impact us day to day, but we could help for future items
  • Team efficiency and community participation doesn't exist
    • Mostly because we haven't had a full team for a while. Let's figure this out.
    • Community members have little insight into how or why we do what we do beyond the wiki pages. Can we make it easier for them to participate?