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This page is a draft, don't depend on any information here yet.


The Linux kernel is a large and complex software project, and thus gets a lot of bug reports in the Fedora bugzilla instance. This effort attempts to triage these bugs to allow Fedora kernel maintainers to focus on real bugs and issues.

NEW bugs

When a new bug is filed, the bugzapper kernel team should check it against the following list for actions.

0. Ask for the following information (if not yet provided):

  • uname -a
  • dmesg output
  • smolt profile (optional)
  • lsmod

1. If the reporter is not running the most current kernel update, ask them to duplicate with the newest kernel version available if possible. Note also there may be newer kernels available in koji directly.

2. If the report has a kernel OOPs that shows that their kernel is "tainted", ask reporter to duplicate without the tainting module.

3. Note to the reporter the Kernel common problems page.

4. If this is a feature request, point reporter upstream (also CLOSED->WONTFIX?)

5. If the bug contains a patch, add "PATCH" to the subject and ask them to submit upstream (CLOSE also?)

6. Severity is set according to:

 ** Won't boot -> severe
 ** Some functionality lost -> high
 ** cosmetic/warnings -> low

7. If this is a regression from a previous Fedora kernel, add a 'regression' keyword. NOTE what regression means. ;)

8. If the bug is pertaining to a config option that should be enabled/disabled/made modular, add 'kernel_config' keyword.

9. The arch of the bug should be noted. If it's a secondary Fedora arch, the secondary arch team should be added to CC and/or a keyword added.

10. The High level subsystem the bug is involved in should be noted and a Keyword added for it, as well as possibly a CC to subsystem maintainers

 ** general storage
 ** lvm
 ** AMD/ATI Radeon graphics
 ** Intel graphics
 ** Nvidia graphics
 ** Other graphics
 ** General
 ** Packaging of the fedora kernel
 ** Networking
 ** USB/Firewire
 ** NFS
 ** KVM/Libvirt

Note that for the following subsystems, the bug should be switched from 'kernel' to the component within brackets:

 ** AMD/ATI Radeon graphics (xorg-x11-drv-ati)
 ** Intel graphics (xorg-x11-drv-intel)
 ** Nvidia graphics (xorg-x11-drv-nouveau)
  • Finally, the "Triaged" Keyword should be added.


  • Let subsystem maintainer handle the bug.
  • If reporter is impatient, ask them to report upstream in the kernel bugtracker or kernel list.
  • When new kernels are released, optionally ask reporters to try them and duplicate.
  • If no answer from reporter X time, close bug INSUFFICENT_INFORMATION

Outstanding issues/questions

  • Need kernel maintainers buyin/input
  • Need to find a group of triagers interested in this.
  • When should we close bugs? Tainted? features?
  • Need a full list of 'high level subsystems' and who to add CC's for each.
  • What standard commands would kernel maintainers want us to run?
  • How long to wait for bugs to close needinfo ones with no reporter input?