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L10n Standard Operation Procedures

This page holds some SOPs and common processes the FLP uses.

Adding a project on Tx

Dummy commit, testing Transifex

Module home on Tx:

Problems with a module's i18n support


String freeze break

1. Make sure it's a break. Go to the VCS, po directory, history (git) to see the history of the po directory. Somewhere there should be a commit that changed POT and/or the PO files.
1. Get the commit that changed the POT file, click on commitdiff. Check that strings have actually been added or existting strings have changed. If strings were just dropped, it's OK. If not, get the committer's contact info from the commit header.
1. Prepare the link for inclusion in the email. If the commit contains a lot of altered files, you can be more specific and link to one of the patches; eg. append #patch1 at the end of the file. (example)
1. Write a string freeze break email. It should include 1. a link to the commit message; 2. an example of string change; 3. the committer's contact info.