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Het Fedora Localization Project (L10N)

Het doel van het Fedora Localization Project (FLP) is alles rond Fedora (de Software, Documentatie, Websites en cultuur) dichter bij lokale gemeenschappen (landen, talen en, in het algemeen, culturele groepen) te brengen. Normaal houdt dit vertalingen van PO-bestanden in, maar is zeker niet beperkt tot dat.

is een afkorting van de term "Localization" door middel van een zogenaamd numeronym, een manier van vervangen van de middenletters van een woord (in casu 'ocalizatio') door het aantal letters tussen de eerste en de laatste letter van dat woord (in casu 10): Localization wordt zo L10N.


Zie voor een overzicht van hoeveel talen beschikbaar zijn en een substiantiële vertaling hebben van onze essentiële software.

Joining the Fedora Localization Project

To learn how to join Fedora Localization Project, please refer to the Join page.

New Translator Old Translators
other ways to help
- Translation Quick Start Guide
- Repository Access
- CVS Basics
- Website Translation
- KDE Translation HOWTO
- GNOME L10n Resources
- GNU gettext Manual
- Repository Access
- Translation Quick Start Guide
- GUI Page

- Bug Reporting
- Become a Maintainer
- Project Maintenance

Some more links:


'cvsl10n' Group Administrators and Sponsors


Mailing list

There are some mailing lists that interest members of the FLP.

  • The main list is fedora-trans-list (archive ), which holds discussions about translations, team coordination, etc.
  • Technical issues are discussed at fedora-i18n-list . If you are interested in more than translations, like eg. our websites, bugzilla, the mailing list, etc, you would want to join this as well.

Commits list

  • We've setup the group 'l10n-commits' for those who would like to receive emails for commits in the /cvs/l10n/ repo and various other emails.
  • To subscribe, go to the Fedora Accounts System and add yourself to l10n-commits. Unfortunately the system needs approval, so someone should jump in to approve you, which should happen quickly.

IRC channel



Both of these schedules include translation freeze dates, which are dates that translations are picked up for adding them into the product.


Take a look at the L10N/Tasks page and add your name next to an item you are interested in helping out.


Take a look where we are, what we have done.

Fedora L10N Steering Committee

The Fedora Localization Steering Committee (FLSCo) leads the Fedora Localization Project (FLP). Its mission is to provide the Fedora translators with necessary guidance, and support their efforts to localize the Fedora Project to multiple languages and cultures.

If you have a question, need clarifications or have problems, please contact Fedora L10N Steering Committee.

For more information: Fedora L10N Steering Committee

Bug Reporting, Testing, and Quality Assurance

Before you file a bug, please read through the list of current and previous bugs for the cooresponding software package to determine if your bug has already been filed. If your bug does not exists, enter a bug report using the Bugzilla bug entry page. If your bug exists and has not been fixed, add additional information to the existing bug. If your bug exists and has been fixed, upgrade to the version in the bug report to determine if the bug was properly fixed. If it was not, reopen the bug.

Useful Bugzilla pages:

Some other interesting Bugzilla queries: