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Fedora Localization Project Meeting Minutes 2007-06-26

Meeting Time


This week's FLP Meeting will be lead by BartCouvreur.

  • BartCouvreur (nl) - couf
  • DamienDurand (fr) - [splinux]
  • DiegoZacarao (pt_BR) - Rasther
  • DimitrisGlezos (el) - glezos
  • DomingoBecker (es) - DomingoBecker
  • FabianAffolter (de) - fabian_a
  • NorikoMizumoto (ja) - noriko
  • PiotrDrąg (pl) - Raven46
  • RunaBhattacharjee (bn_IN Bengali (INDIA)) - runa_b
  • SamuelBizien (fr) - Samiby
  • StavrosGiannouris (el) - stavrosg
  • VillePekkaVainio (fi) - vpv

Meeting Protocol


Please update this agenda with your latest items before the meeting has started.

1. Upcoming move from elvis to Fedora Infrastructure (DimitrisGlezos)

1. update (DimitrisGlezos)

  • l10n redirects now
  • Progress on Transifex (new homepage, SCM, status)

1. Bugzilla reports sent to list

  • Add cvsl10n to fedorabugs automatically

1. Wiki translations

1. I18N bugs

  • Apps not having translator-credits, untranslatable help files (eg. system-config-network). Also, our packages don't use GNOME's guidelines (eg. have and LINGUAS files)

1. Tools

1. New members

  • Lowering the barrier of entry. Is our Join page too big? If yes, how can lang maintainers make sure their translations are of high quality?


  • As we're moving everything off of elvis ( on July 5th, all docs & wiki-pages must be updated accordingly: as such Dimitris will write up a draft page, which should get fleshed out into the Translation Quick Start Guide and our Join-page. Noriko will take a look at the TQSG, everyone else may hop in and make our wiki-space a lot better.
  • As such, a reminder will be sent out to all members on elvis, to let them transfer to the Fedora Account System. If you haven't done so, please follow the guidelines on our Join-page and request cvsl10n-membership.
  • Translate.fp.o is live and working (bugs-reports are all welcome). Work on the submit part, called Transifex, is well under way. A big thanks to Dimitris.
  • Bug mails has been activated for the mailing list, including major project bugs and languages without maintainers.
  • Wiki localization will be discussed on the various mailing lists that need to be on track (trans-list, websites-list, infrastructure-list)
  • Meeting times: we'll do meetings with a rotating schedule, two hours: one 19OO UTC, the other to be decided on list (see mail from Runa)
  • Frequency of meetings: moved to next meeting

Next Meeting