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Fedora Mini-conf at Linux Conference Australia 2008


Monday, January 28, 2008


I'm excited to announce that my proposal for a Fedora Mini-conf has been accepted! The mini-conf will be held as part of 2008. The aim of this mini-conf is to allow Fedora users and developers to come together to teach and learn. For the users, it will be a great way to learn the variety of tools and technologies that are available. For the developers, come and feel inspired, and start hacking away!

Fedora schwags will be given out during the mini-conf or at the rego desk.


Note.png 2008 will be held at the University of Melbourne , Australia (map ). The mini-conf will be held at Old Arts - Theatre C. The LCA team wrote a page about how to get there, what to do and eat when you get there. Check it out!

Important Dates

  • {OK} Call for Presentations: Saturday, August 4, 2007
  • {OK} Due date for submissions: Friday, October 12, 2007
  • {OK} Acceptance notifications: by end of October, 2007
  • {OK} Mini-conf begins: Monday, January 28, 2008
  • (./) Mini-conf ended. Thanks for coming! See you in Tasmania!


09:00 Welcome and Introduction File:LCA Melbourne2008 fedora-miniconf.pdf pdf] (BY-SA)
<#EEEFF1> 09:20 <#EEEFF1> RPM 101: A gentle intro to the art of creating your own RPM package by Richard Keech File:LCA Melbourne2008 rpm-talk.odp odp]
10:10 Morning Tea
<#EEEFF1> 10:30 <#EEEFF1> Migrating to Fedora Directory Server by Del Elson File:LCA Melbourne2008 ldapimport.odp odp]
11:20 Moving Time
<#EEEFF1> 11:30 <#EEEFF1> State of the kernel in Fedora 9 by Dave Jones notes ^1^
12:20 Lunch
<#EEEFF1> 13:30 <#EEEFF1> Writing SystemTap Scripts by Eugene Teo File:LCA Melbourne2008 systemtap-scripts.pdf pdf] (BY-SA), File:LCA Melbourne2008 systemtap-scripts.tar.bz2 tar.bz2] (GPL2)
14:20 Moving Time
<#EEEFF1> 14:30 <#EEEFF1> Samba + LDAP using Fedora Directory Server by Del Elson File:LCA Melbourne2008 FDS+Samba.odp odp]
15:20 Afternoon Tea
<#EEEFF1> 15:40 <#EEEFF1> Fedora I18n Project by Jens Petersen File:LCA Melbourne2008 LCA2008-miniconf-fedora-i18n-1.0.pdf pdf]
16:30 Moving Time
<#EEEFF1> 16:40 <#EEEFF1> Provisioning Red Hat/Fedora systems using custom builds and Kickstart by Richard Keech File:LCA Melbourne2008 provisioning-talk.odp odp]
17:30 Closing

^1^ Thanks to Alex Chiang for blogging about Dave's talk. No slides were available.


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