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This page provides all the information that people need regarding Fedora's presence at LinuxConf Australia 2011.


About is one of the world's best conferences for free and open source software.

When and Where

In 2011 LCA is going to be held in Brisbane, from the 24th - 29th January, at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) - Gardens Point Campus.

LinuxConf Personnel

Please add yourself to the list below if you want to attend.

# FAS Name &
Full Name
Conference OpenDay Arrival Departure Comment
1 Luke Martinez No yes Friday Morning Sunday Evening Pending Sponsorship
2 Heherson Pagcaliwagan Yes yes 23 Jan 31 Jan Plane tickets to be purchased by Max Spevack
3 Izhar Firdaus Yes yes  ??  ?? Pending
4 Caius 'kaio' Chance yes yes local local
5 Dennis Gilmore yes No 13 Jan 28 Jan Fedora Release Engineering

For The Red Hat Rh-icon.png, we have:

# Full Name Conference OpenDay Comment
Rh-icon.png1 Cheryn Tan no yes
Rh-icon.png2 Stephen Gordon yes yes
Rh-icon.png3 Lana Brindley yes yes
Rh-icon.png4 David Jorm yes yes
Rh-icon.png5 Fabio Dias da Cunha no yes
Rh-icon.png6 Alison Young yes yes
Rh-icon.png7 Tomas Dabasinskas no yes
Rh-icon.png8 Andrew Milestone no yes
Rh-icon.png9 Misha Husnain Ali no yes

Travel & Accommodation

  • Luke is travelling from Adelaide to Brisbane with the following cost estimates: $130 adelaide to brisbane (apprx.) $120 brisbane to adelaide (apprx.) $150 two nights accommodation. A total of $400 for the event.
  • Herson (pending approval) will be travelling from Manila to Brisbane with plane cost of $1025 (18Nov) and visa cost of $105. An LCA ticket costs an additional $375 bringing the total to $1505. Will probably need help with accomodation once approved but I've not planned that far ahead yet.
  • Izhar (pending approval) will be travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Gold Coast with plane cost of AUD609(20Nov), and approximately AUD100 for Gold Coast to Brisbane on train. LCA ticket costs AUD375 which means a total of AUD1084. Probably need help with accommodation too, and fine with any place which comfortable enough to sleep in a sleeping bag.
  • Kaio (pending approval) is located in Brisbane who only need AUD$375 for LCA ticket.




The Open Day details are as follows:

Date: Saturday, 29 January 2011

Time: 9am - 5pm (10am-4pm for attendees not stall holders)

Venue: The Edge, State Library of Queensland

At the Fedora stall these are some of the planned activities:

- One Laptop Per Child display: history, development, impact, etc

- Live USB Creator: getting people to bring their USBs and installing Fedora 14 onto them

- Fielding general questions about Fedora and Red Hat (possibly a small notice announcing that we're hiring)

- Raffle draw/ quiz - giving away Tux plushies etc

At this stage we haven't finalised all the details, and we're still welcoming suggestions for further activities. Please email suggestions to:


There is interest among attendees in actually pursuing a FAD after the event. Check FAD @ Brisbane 2011 for details.