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USENIX’s LISA conference

Date and time

Full Conference: December 4-9, 2016

Expo: Dec 8-9, 2016 (Fedora is only attending expo)

Fedora will be co-hosting the table with Redhat like last year. Redhat has also made a Full Conference attendee pass which has yet to be claimed by a Redhat/ Fedora Contributor.


Sheraton Boston. Located at: 39 Dalton Street Boston, MA 02199


Team members show up throughout the evening of the 7th early morning of the 8th.

Man the booth for both expo days rotating demos for audiences.


Redhat has taken care of sponsorship and all members will receive expo / exhibitor badges / creds on arrival, likely from mattdm.

For non ambassador attendees a expo only ticket is $50, Early bird pricing ends Nov 10, 2016.


  • Showing Cockpit
  • Showing Fedora Spins


Event volunteers

  • Corey Sheldon
  • Matthew Miller
  • Mike DePaulo



Item Details Budget Actual

Transportation to and from the event

Arrivals and Departures

Chart for knowing when folks are arriving or departing, by plane, train, car, roller skates, or otherwise.

Who Arrive (Flight-Time) Departure (Flight-Time) Comments Ridesharing

  • Arrange for speakers if any from Fedora
  • Room reservations
  • Volunteers?


  • volunteers
  • FAmNA ticket?
  • Arranging for swag, media

Blogs and reports