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* '''Location/Ubicación''': Santiago, [ Chile]

== About me ==
I am 30 years old and live in the city of Santiago, Chile . I am a creator/member/mantainer of the site Fedora Project Chile []
* Network and Communication Engineer.
* Red Hat Certified Technician
* Red Hat Certified System Administrator
* Red Hat Certified Engineer
* Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator
* Red Hat Certified Deployment, Virtualization and Systems Management Certificate of Expertise
* Red Hat Certified Instructor
* Red Hat Certified Examiner
* Red Hat Partner Middleware Certified Salesperson
* Red Hat Partner Platform Certified Salesperson
* Red Hat Partner Virtualization Certified Salesperson
* Fedora Ambassador, Packager, Support
== Contact Information ==
* '''Email''': lletelier at
* '''IRC''': geek_cl on #fedora-es, #fedora-latam
* '''Fedora Account''': lletelier
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