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This is the list of contributors who have requested Fedora IRC cloaks for the network.

In order to receive a cloak, you must have completed the following steps:

  • You need to have registered your nick with NickServ.
  • You need to have set an email address with NickServ.
  • You need to have created an alternate nick and linked it to your primary nick with NickServ.
  • You must be in the Fedora Account System and should have completed the FPCA before you are eligible for a cloak.
  • The nick you list here does not need to be your primary nick, but must be linked to your primary nick.
If you need instructions for using NickServ, try "/msg NickServ HELP" from the chatline of your IRC client after you have connected to

If you have not done these things, will not allow us to create your cloak. If you don't know how to do these things, follow the instructions here:

Your cloak will be: *@fedora/yourIRCnick If you want something different from that (e.g. @fedora/FASUSERNAME), please specify it in the comments field.

Note that does not support the use of underscores "_" in cloaks. Other non-alphanumeric characters may also not be supported and will be omitted from the cloak. If you have a preference of how you want your cloak to look, please put it in the comment field.

After adding your entry, please be patient until the next round of cloak creations. This is a manual process.

Stop (medium size).png
Please do not delete example line. Please do not replace the table description line with your cloak request.

Real Name Email IRC Nick Account System Name Comment
John Doe nick example comment (if necessary)
Henry Todd hjst hjst
Walter Francis khaytsus khaytsus
Robert Scheck rsc robert
Scott Williams vwbusguy vwbusguy
Jonathan Steffan daMaestro jsteffan
Igor Bezrodnik ledeni ledeni
Shawn Starr spstarr spstarr
Till Maas till@fedoraproject.rog tyll till Please use @fedora/till

And please staff for accounts with the character "|" you should look at the source because the formatted page does not show "|" Thank you!