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* [ Home Media Streaming with Python and Roku] by [[User:bcl|Brian Lane]]
* [ Home Media Streaming with Python and Roku] by [[User:bcl|Brian Lane]]
* Still preparing [[ Music programming with Planet CCRMA]] by [[User:Jsandys|Jeff Sandys]]
* Still preparing [ Music programming with Planet CCRMA] by [[User:Jsandys|Jeff Sandys]]
== Event volunteers ==
== Event volunteers ==

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LinuxFest Northwest (LFNW) is the 11th annual premier Linux event in the northwestern U.S. It takes place Saturday and Sunday the 24th and 25th of April in Bellingham, Washington, USA.

Date and time

  • 24, 25 April 2010 (Saturday and Sunday)


Bellingham Technical College


The event is free and open to the public. Registration is not required for attendees. Registration for those staffing the booth is required (only for the purpose of getting a cool event badge saying you're an exhibitor), and those signed up below have been signed up with LFNW. If you find you'd like to work the booth, sign up below and we'll add you to the list.


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Event volunteers


Please add yourself if you're planning to spend at least a little while at the Fedora Booth helping out.

Who Saturday Sunday
Kevin Higgins X X
Larry Cafiero X X
Jeff Sandys X X
Who's next? Add yourself here X X

I'll bring my XO and some stuff for Music, Jeff Sandys


Tasks to be done


For Linux Fest Northwest 2010, $x,xxx is requested for the following items:

Item Cost Comments
Ambassador team lodging $xxx
LFNW sponsorship $500 Silver level (Gold level = $1,000)
Buffer $xxx Cost overruns, etc.
FAD dinner $xxx
Printing $xx Handouts of presentation times, etc.
SWAG? $xxx USB keys? etc. (NOTE: not swag already in West Coast event box


  • 2010-02-08 - Page created
  • 2010-02-09 - Budget chart created

Blogs and reports

Kid friendly activities

  • XO