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=== Reports ===
=== Reports ===
* no reports yet
* [[JoergSimon]] - [ Linuxtag Logistic], [ Fedora on Linuxtag Day1], [ Linuxtag Fedora Track], and [ Finale Linuxtag08]
* [[LucaFoppiano]] - [ Linux TAG 2008 {1/4}]
* [[MaxSpevack]] - [ Day 0], [ Day 1], and [ Day 1-1]
* [[PaulFrields]] - [ Der erste Tag war ausgezeichnet.] and [ Der letzte Teil der Geschichte ist ausgezeichnet.]
* [[FabianAffolter]] - [ Day 00-1], [ Day 00-2] , [ Day 01] , [ Day 02] , [ Day 03] , [ Day 04]  & [ Day 05]
=== Event Pictures ===
=== Event Pictures ===

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FedoraEvents Header EventN1.png

Fedora Events: LinuxTag 2008 in Berlin, Germany

LinuxTag is a free software expo and conference with an emphasis on Linux. It is relatively large, in 2007 over 9.000 visitors from around 30 nations, claiming that it is the largest expo of this kind in Europe. The LinuxTag byline in this years is "where .COM meets .ORG". This includes both representatives from not-for-profit/community projects and from companies.

When and Where

  • Wednesday, May 28th till Saturday, May 31, 2008
  • Messe am Funkturm, Berlin, Germany (-> Map )



  • Fedora LinuxTag Team takes care for all open issues and organizes everything for Fedora Project to have all we need.


Stop (medium size).png
The deadline passed.

Booth Personal

(in alphabetic order)

Andreas Rau X X X X X X
Andreas Thienemann X X X X X
Chitlesh Goorah X X
Christoph Wickert X X X X X
Dimitris Glezos X X X X X X could give a talk
Fabian Affolter X X X X X X
Francesco Crippa X X X X X X
Franz Robert X X X X X X X*
Gerold Kassube X X X X X X
Jens Kühnel X X X X X X
Jeroen van Meeuwen X X X X X X
Jörg Simon X X X X
Luca Foppiano X X X X
Marco Ziesing X X X X X X
Max Spevack X X X X X X
MatthieuRondeau X X X X X
Paul Frields X X X X X X
Pawel Sadowski X X X X X X X
Peter Reuschlein X X X X X X
Robert M. Albrecht X X X X X X
Robert Scheck X X X X X X
Sandro red Mathys X X X X X X
Stefan Hartsuiker X X X X X X
Thibault North X X X X
Thomas Woerner X X X X X X
Yaakov "yankee" "jakob" Nemoy X X X X X X maybe talk - get back to me

Count: 24 +2 (Andrea Schneider (RH) and Marion Roth (RH))


We need to know who is helping us with the booth setup. Please sign up -> BoothSetup

For more info about the booth please take a look at the BoothSetup page.

Booth program

  • Where runs Fedora on it?
  • OLPC
  • EeePC
  • Mac Mini
  • PS3 (I can bring one, but we need a TV to show this, Robert M. Albrecht)
  • Try Fedora (some stations for visitors to take a look at Fedora)
  • Fedora filling station (Live-USB Stick creation)
  • Can bring a LCD TV screen if required (PS3 ?); just let me know if it's of some interest - Franz Robert.


1. FAD (preSocialEvent for Ambassadors) also briefing for LinuxTag

Date May 27th, 2008 after member meeting of Fedora EMEA e.V.
Location Messe am Funkturm, Berlin
Responsible Ambassadors GeroldKassube FabianAffolter MaxSpevack
more details FAD LinuxTag 2008
status (./)

2. FUDCon

Date 2008-05-30
Location Messe am Funkturm, Berlin
Responsible Ambassadors JensKuehnel (pre-event) / SandroMathys (on-event)
more details FUDConLinuxTag2008
status Warning.png

3. Live-USB Stick

Date all day
Location Booth
Responsible Ambassadors FrancescoCrippa
more details -
status (./)


Date all day
Location Booth
Responsible Ambassadors JoergSimon and RobertAlbrecht
more details -
status (./)



Event Pictures

  • no pictures yet