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Rooms LinuxTag 2009

We are trying to figure out the hotel situation for LinuxTag 2009.

In 2009 we will handle accommodation differently than in past years due to budget problems last year. A detailed plan will follow soon.


We have a signed contract with several Hotels, where you can book your stay at Linuxtag 2009 in Berlin and also FUDCon Berlin 2009. Contingents are booked in the below listed Hotels.

Room needed??
Please take a look at the list below and order your room where you prefer to stay. In a few days we will provide you with a HOWTO to handle with.


  • List your name, and the nights that you will want a hotel room.
  • Please sign up with a roommate.
Registration deadline: 2009-xx-xx
WikiName Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday double room room mate
FabianAffolter x x x x x x x x GeroldKassube
GeroldKassube x x x x x x x x FabianAffolter
Sandro Mathys x x x x x x x TBD
Paul W. Frields x x x x x x x x TBD
xxx x x x x x