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SurvivalKit for LinuxTag

This page contains all the important information for the attendees :-)


  • Name: Messegelände unter dem Funkturm
  • Exact Location:

Eingang Halle 7 (Entrance Hall 7)
Veranstaltungshallen 7.1b, 7.1c, 7.2a, 7.2b, 7.3a und 7.3b (Halls 7.1b, 7.1c, 7.2a, 7.2b, 7.3a, and 7.3b)

  • Exhibition grounds: Map
  • Opening hours: daily from 9 till 18 (talks starts at 10 o'clock)


  • Name: Hollywood Media Hotel Berlin
  • Address:

Hollywood Media Hotel Berlin
Kurfürstendamm 202
10719 Berlin

Public transportation


All information has been taken from [1] .

There are different tickets available:

  • The short-haul ticket: You can go three stops by suburban train and underground within the city of Berlin. It is also possible to switch trains, even between suburban train and underground. If travelling by bus or tram, your short-haul ticket counts for six stops but changing public transport is not permitted. If taking an expressbus, every stop counts. The stops passed by count as well.

Price: EUR 1.20

  • The single ticket: If only travelling ocassionally by public transport the use of a single ticket is recommended. Single tickets apply to one way trips towards targeted destination. You can change trains as often as you like. Therefore, you have to buy another single ticket for your return journey or round trip. Within the city of Berlin, you can be en route for 2 hours after having validated your ticket.

Price: EUR 2.10

  • The daily ticket: This ticket is ideal for passengers who like to travel by public transport for a day until late at night. The ticket can be used the day of validation for any trips until 0:30 a.m. the following day.

Price: EUR 6.10 (zones A and B in Berlin)

  • The 7-day-ticket: If you would like to travel by public transport but convenient and for one week only, the 7-day-ticket is just perfect. The ticket is valid for seven consecutive days beginning at the date of validation; for example from Tuesday up to and including next Monday. Everybody can obtain a ticket. It is transferable as well. Now, you even can take along one adult and up to three children between 6 and 13 years of age during the following time: Mondays through Fridays from 8 p.m. until 3 a.m. the following day as well as on Saturdays, Sundays, and on holidays all day.

Price: EUR 25.40 (zones A and B in Berlin)

Zones A and B cover all 3 airports of Berlin, our accomodation, the LinuxTag and most of Berlin. See map . The short-haul ticket will not suffice to travel between any airport and the accomodation, the accomodation and the LinuxTag or any airport and the LinuxTag.

There's a route planner available at [2] .


  • Subway UX - station "Uhlandstrasse"


  • U2 direction "Ruhleben" till station "Kaiserdamm"
  • S9 or S75 till station "Messe Süd"
  • S41, S42, S46 till station "Messe Nord / ICC"
  • S41, S42, S46, S5, S7, S9 or S75 till station "Westkreuz"
  • X34, X49, 104, 139, 149, 218 till station "Messedamm/ ZOB/ ICC"

Medical Emergency

other medical problems

Call a doc will help you when you get sick or to find the replacement of the forgotten pharmaceuticals. They will help you to get medical aid in your native language and culture.

Important Phone No.

  • Police: 110
  • Fire and Medical Emergency: 112
  • Poisoning Emergency: (030) 192 40
  • Lost-property office Berlin: (030) 69 95

Loss of credit card

  • American Express (069) 97 97 10 00
  • Diner's Club (05921) 86 12 34
  • EC and Bank Cards (069) 74 09 87
  • Euro-MasterCard (069) 79 33 19 10
  • VISA (0800) 81 49 100


  • Embassies of foreign countries in Germany (most of them are in Berlin)